Hosted by VIUS

Special thanks to:
Philadelphia Chef Kara LaFluer
DJ Kinetic
Philly Pixel Party

VIUS hosted the Philly Pixel Party as part of DesignPhiladelphia 2013.

Philly Pixel Party attendees witnessed four cameras feeding into to a projector to create a live-feed of artistically pixelated photographs. People became part of the art as they danced, chatted, and ping-ponged.

And now that the party is over, we've gathered for your viewing pleasure a collection of digital art sourced from the evening's photographic endeavors. Please enjoy!

The Pixel-Wall

Click one of the images to visit the Pixel Wall. All 12,000+ images from the Pixel Party are collected and scrollable here.

The Pixel-Stream

These videos are timelapse versions of each camera's images from the night, pixelated and non-pixelated. Feel free to download and manipulate any of the streams for your editing pleasure.

The Pixel-Cameras

Click and drag the sliders to see a live comparison of the pixel-stream. These animated gifs show images captured at exactly the same time from the four different cameras; it's almost like you're viewing the party in the 5th dimension.

The Pixel-Mosaics

During the party, people snapped their portriats with the Pixelator. Using the 12,000 pixelated images from all four cameras, we turned each portrait into a mosaic portrait, which you see below. Click on a thumbnail for the detailed version.